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I am no longer leading costume tours, but have retained this page for links to travel tips for costume & textile enthusiasts, costume focused tours, and my Costume Travel Yahoo eGroup


Costume at the Globe Theatre Exhibition

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A list for costume and textile enthusiasts to find other like minded folks to travel with or meet, announce events or tours, tell others about your experiences or local costume sites, offer tips, help, or local guidance, and share any advice or experience they have in the area of travel to places of interest to costumers. 

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A Students Guide to Budget Travel Planning

Travel for the Soul (Why costumers need to travel)

Tara & Lorraine Visit Paris in 2001

2002 UK Trek with the meeting of Manifesto Fans

1999 Costume Tour to the UK & Paris

Tara and Lorraine Visit Costume College 2004

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Textile and costume tours!

@160x120.jpg AHA International: The Unexpected Rewards of Studying Abroad

@160x120.jpg Design Summer Courses in Italy at Naba and Domus Academy in Milan

@160x120.jpg Textile Travel - Bermuda Cruise - Trek to England's Lake District for Woolfest 2007!

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