The Costumer's Manifesto: Costumers of the World, UNITE!(Labor, Politics, and Charitable Enterprises for Costumers wishing to better their own lot or that of their fellow humans)


For Museum Preservation and/or Academic/Professional Recognition:

@160x120.jpg The Costume Society of America: Home Page (UK) Costume Society Home Page

@160x120.jpg Northern Society of Costume & Textiles UK

@160x120.jpg OISTAT United States Institute for Theatre Technology COSTUME DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY COMMISSION

@160x120.jpg The Society of British Theatre Designers Association of British Theatre Technicians

@160x120.jpg Textile Society of America

Associations of both Pro and Amateur Costumers, many part of the

@160x120.jpg International Costumers Guild

@160x120.jpg The Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild

(Northern California)

@160x120.jpg Costumers Guild West

(Southern California)

@160x120.jpg Canadiana Costume Society of British Columbia and Western Canada

designersofcostumes@160x120.jpg Yahoo! Clubs designersofcostumes

guild.html@160x120.jpg The Southwest Costumers Guild

@160x120.jpg Australian Costumer's Guild

cguk.html@160x120.jpg Costume Guild UK

Groups for owners of rental & party shops

@160x120.jpg National Costumers Association


@160x120.jpg British Costume Association

Costume and Theatre Books

Shoes for the Brave

Art Prints for a Costume Room Wall

Unions & Related Info The Costume Designers Guild

(Hollywood Costume Designers for Film)

@160x120.jpg I.A.T.S.E. Web Site

rates.html@160x120.jpg About Pay rates for costumers, both Union and not, in Film Work

filmcost.html@160x120.jpg So you might want to be a film costumer?

la-090102counselor-dresser,0,2059587.htmlstory?coll=la-class-employ-counselor@160x120.jpg About Working as a Union Dresser

Non-Sweatshop Clothing Links

@160x120.jpg UNITE! To Stop Sweatshops. (Information about Garment Workers Unions)

@160x120.jpg Clean Clothes Connection

@160x120.jpg Justice Clothing Company -- Wear Your Conscience™

leaders.cfm@160x120.jpg Leaders of Apparel Industry - Clothes for a Change - Organic Consumers Association

@160x120.jpg No Sweat -- Union-Made Casual Apparel

@160x120.jpg SweatX Clothes - Union Made Sweatshop Free Clothes - Clothing, Tshirt, Sweatshirts, Polar Fleece, Women's T's, hats, t-shirts

@160x120.jpg American Apparel [aa - Made in Downtown LA - Sweatshop Free]

5carols.htm@160x120.jpg Anti-Sweatshop Christmas Carols

ShowCategories.asp?ID=15#@160x120.jpg Diamond Cut Jeans

products.html@160x120.jpg Dove Professional Apparel - Medical Nursing Uniforms and Scrubs | Dove Products

Green Theatre & Fashion



@160x120.jpg Dress for Success (Clothing charity to help low income women with job interview clothing)

intro.cfm@160x120.jpg - Change online shopping into philanthropy.

Political Protest Costuming:

boyd.php@160x120.jpg The Village Voice: Features: The Birth of a Movement: Extreme Costume Ball by Andrew Boyd

index.html@160x120.jpg The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest

index.html@160x120.jpg Absurd Responses vs. Earnest Politics

day.cgi?limit=20&state_values=TYPE%25.Class@160x120.jpg Protest.Net (lists NYC area workshops on Protest Costumes and puppetry for parades)

fake.html@160x120.jpg ART FOR A CHANGE - Protest Art from the 2000 LA Democratic Convention.

@160x120.jpg The Puppeteers' Cooperative Home Page

source.php@160x120.jpg Article on Peace protest arrest that includes comments on clothing for protests

wibart.html@160x120.jpg Women in Black: An art project where costumes are used symbolically to represent political ideas (text)

springslideshow.htm@160x120.jpg The Rites of Spring

29347.php@160x120.jpg Massive Hollywood Protest : LA Indymedia

Other Stuff: ACLU - Safe and Free

longdistance.cfm?formid=IB-255-AX3-1&campid=24983364@160x120.jpg Working Assets Long Distance

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Product Links

Salaula: The World of Secondhand Clothing and Zambia Salaula: The World of Secondhand Clothing and Zambia

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