The Costumer's Manifesto: Dress Design: An Account of Costume for Artistsand Dressmakers by Talbot Hughes, 1920 edition Dress Design: An Account of Costume for Artists and Dressmakers by Talbot Hughes, 1920 editionChapter III: The 10th to the 15th Century

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughes039a.jpgPlate #1 Boots and Shoes from the 13th to 19th centuries

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughespage 47.jpg Saxon types and Dress of the reign of Stephen (Matilda)

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughes063.jpg 12th Century Norman and Saxon Female Dress

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughes064.jpg 14th Century Female Dress

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