Costume Sites on the WWW#3:Fetish Costuming

By Tara Maginnis

The explosion of clothing fetish sites on the net hascreated dozens, if not hundreds of sites useful for costumers.If you aren’t bothered by occasional imagesof people engaged in erotic acts wearing unusual clothing, these sites can showyou useful things like where to get complete free instructions on making aVictorian corset, and where to buy thigh high black patent platform boots in asize 14 for $39.99.

How Cool Footwear@160x120.jpg

Very large selection and low prices on wild colored fetish,dance and platform shoes and boots.Includes large sizes and unusual colors.Also check out their “costume” section for discount vinyl body suits,angel wings, and other fun stuff.If atransgender stripper would wear it, this place has it at K-Mart rates.

eGroups “Fetish Sewing” ListFetish_Sewing@160x120.jpg

Join this eGroup to learn about the best wayto sew vinyl, rubber, PVC,andleather.Want tips on building bondagegear, French Maid outfits out of shower curtains, or Victorian corsets out ofrecycled tire tubes?These folks shareyour concerns and can help.Warning,people also post stories & photos about their favorite fetish experiences.

Corsetry at Waisted.Com@160x120.jpg

Contains detailedstep-by-step instructions on how to make a Victorian or Edwardian corset.

Romantasy Corsets@160x120.jpg

The most famous maker of custom corsets for women and men in a large variety ofstyles.

Chainmail and More@160x120.jpg

Sells chain mail body jewelry.

DeMars Fashions@160x120.jpg

Fetishfootwear, vinyl and leather clothing, in a wide range of price.Boot closeouts, vinyl sailor boy outfits, andPVC dresses are among the bargains.

The Long Island Staylace Association@160x120.jpg

Is the largestcorset information and links site.

Cindy’s Oasis: How to Create Cleavage for Cross dressers longer working) Shows step by step in words and photos how to use makeup,tape and breast forms to make an amazing cleavage effect with a normal man’schest.Links to supplies and more tips.

Deviant Liquid Latexliquidlatex@160x120.jpg

Sells an array of useful products, includingWRAPID Fashion Tape (AKA “Bondage Tape”) a nifty self sticking reusable latextape with which you can make tape costumes, rubber corsets and garter belts,body glitter, and their house specialty: brightly colored, and florescentliquid latex by the pint to gallon.

How to Make Nice-Looking Fangs for Next to Nothing[Site no longer online] The title says it all, this is just one page on the netgiving a quick and dirty method for fang making for vampire role players.

Petticoat Pond@160x120.jpg

Poofy Petticoats of the 1950's and the men whowear them now. Has links for buying petticoats, tutus, and hoopskirts.

The Hidden Woman@160x120.jpg

Transgendering products include high end wigs, breasts, body padding andclothes.They also stock a largecollection of reasonably priced body suits in nets, lace and sheer.

Stage Clothes@160x120.jpg

Sells lingerie and clothing for strippers, drag queens, fetish, & plussize.Reasonable prices.

Barb’s Large and Lovely @160x120.jpg

Has items like “Patent leather 4 piece set. Includes lace up Bustier withadjustable straps and garters, G-string, lace up gloves andspandex patent leather stockings”available up to size 8X in lime green, red or black, and cheap toboot!

For the Love of Opera Gloves glovmain.html@160x120.jpg

Lots of history, pictures and links tosuppliers of gloves.

Bruce & Valerie's SpandexWear@160x120.jpg

Sells spandexfull body suits, gloves and hoods, in every color (inc. metallic) andsize.Also court jester, bunny, andsilver unicorn suits in spandex.

Glamour Boutique@160x120.jpg

Sells “Bodyshaping, Breastforms, Dresses, Garters, Leather, Lingerie,Petticoats, Shoes, Stockings, Wigs, Accessories” primarily for crossdressers.Good corset selection.

Stevenson Enterprises Uniquewear@160x120.jpg

Odd amalgamation of belly dance supply,Wiccan items, chaimail/bondage fetish wear, and Renaissance Faire costume.

For more sites, see:

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