The Costumer's Manifesto: Costume Sites on the WWW #7:Teaching about Costumes

Costume Sites on the WWW #7: Teaching about Costumes

By Tara Maginnis

These sites are useful places to send costume students tolearn about design, construction and other job skills.This listing can only scratch the surface,but gives a good idea of the sort of thing to be found out there that canassist teachers and students alike.This article is mirrored online at the page


Celluloid Wrappers: Costume in the Movies

includes intelligent critical analysis of costume design in recent popularfilms, with links to websites on the films reviewed.

The Costume Designer's Worldbroken link by BAFTA nominated designer Deirdre Clancy, is stuffed with sensible adviceon design, working with directors, negotiating for pay, and other importantlessons for costuming in the real world.

“The Costumer’s Manifesto”Book of Advice is a lesser-known part of my own site that has self-help advice for costumerson topics ranging from taking photos for your portfolio, to how to find ideasfor show concepts.

How to Design a Show With No Money [this site nolonger online] has some handy tips for doing what students will be doing on their first shows:conjuring costumes from air.

Kathleen Gossman’s Homepage ~kgossman@160x120.jpg

for her Costume Design class and others has tutorials that explain clearlythe process used to arrive at a given costume design, along with a number ofpossible class projects to do once you understand the process.Projects for costume crafts, a makeupmorgue, useful links and more are also provided.

Costume Technology

Kristina Tollefson’s Teaching Projects [this site nolonger online] Include a garment bag that teaches basic sewing skills, and a shopping handbookfor student designers, which she developed for her work teaching costume designat the University of Central Florida.

Duct Tape Method of making A Renaissance Bodice Pattern aris.html@160x120.jpg

is exactly what it sounds like.Mycostume shop manager Lorraine Pettit tested this out on a stout and unusuallyshaped student, and found that the method was excellent for quickly patterninga 16th Century boned bodice for her highly unusual figure.Further experimentation showed the methodwas also adaptable to a Victorian corset pattern simply by cutting the piecesout differently.

DrawingSkills Canada BC Competitionbroken link has printouts for their High School level competition in Fashion Design.These PDF documents include two printablecroquis sheet designs.

Links for Learning about Rendering another one of my pages also has 4 croquis sheet designs, in addition to linkson drawing figures.

The Figure Drawing LAB drawinglab@160x120.jpg

one of the links listed at the above has pretty much a whole online course infigure drawing techniques.


Threads Magazine index.asp@160x120.jpg

has many of their articles on sewing online at their site, including “CloneYourself A Fitting Assistant” a great page of instructions for making abody-double dress form.

How to Sew on Vinyl deadlink gives detailed tips on sewing with various stretch vinyl cloth types.

Antimony & Lace ~ Gothic Fashion[this site no longer online]I’ve found that teaching sewing with projects that students would actuallylike to have in their wardrobe, like capes and such, makes sewing an easier“sell”.This site has quite a fewuseful how-to articles for sewing Goth fashions like circle capes and bondagepants.

TechnoSystem Strange Girl: Garbbroken linkanother page with sewing projects/patterns students can download, this one withnice simple to follow Medieval patterns for the SCA folks in the class.

How to Make a Tutu [this site no longer online]Has pictures and text on that difficult todescribe process that so many dread.

Sewing at @160x120.jpg

has many small free project patterns and instructions useful for teaching basicsewing, plus links, articles on sewing machine maintenance, how to make yourown thread rack, and much more.Makesure especiallyto check out the“Instructional and Informational Articles” at this page in the site topicsubinstruct.htm@160x120.jpg

If you have good web links for any topic related to costume,please e-mail me at

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