Links to Major Costume Sites from The Costumer's Manifesto

Links to Major Costume Sites from The Costumer's Manifesto

The Costumer's Manifesto (Maginnis) The Costume Gallery

(Dunlap-Ladnier) @160x120.jpg The Costume Site

(Milleux) (Zetterberg) The Costume Society of America

(Yoshiwara aka Pompadour) (Coronado)

By Braun & Schneider@160x120.jpg Fashion Era

Bookstore.html@160x120.jpg WWWeb Page with Hearts SM Fashion Shopping Haute Couture

(C.J. Lutz) (Leed)costumering.html@160x120.jpg The CostumeRing

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This webring@160x120.jpg Costume Ring

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Product Links

Madeleine Vionnet Madeleine Vionnet

Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd

The Costume Page

La Couturière Parisienne Costume and Fashion Site


Costume Network

Events ~ Articles ~ Photos

NYC Costuming

(UK) Costume Society Home Page


The History of Costume

Fashion History and Costume Eras, Victorians to Haute Couture.

Costume College Home page - Presented by the Costumer's Guild West (A.K.A. the CGW)

Historic Costume Bulletin Board

((( The Weeb Site ))) Garb History, Construction and More

The LACIS Home Page

Angel of Fashion Award & The Fashion on the Web Official Directory

International Costumers Guild Home Page

Alley Cat Scratch's Home Pad (Costume Mega Site by Cat Devereaux)

Costume-ConNections ® Welcomes You!

Elizabethan Costuming Homepage (Serious Hobby Costumers and Cosplayers)

Deirdre Clancy. Home Page and The Costume Designers World Advice page

The Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild

Bissonnette on Costume: A visual Dictionary of Fashion

Homework Center - Costumes

Costume-Con 18, aka Costume-Con 2000 (May 26-29, in Hartford Connecticut) homepage...

FIDM - Kool Connections Links Page, Fashion and Entertainment directory of websites

Lily Abello's Sewing Resource Guide

sixdegrees: Bulletin Board Costume Designers

Cyndi's List - Clothing & Costumes

Historical Boys Clothing

ClothingPr - Clothing (Links listing on multiple clothing and costume topics)

Costume Encyclopedia Database

CC26 Pictures

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