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Vintage and Antique Jewelry Dealers

Rhinestones & Tiaras

Jewelry History

@160x120.jpg Jewelry HistoryAmerican Society of Jewelry Historians

index.html@160x120.jpg V&A - Jewellery in the Archives

features.htm@160x120.jpg Center For Jewelry Studies

@160x120.jpg All About Jewels Glossary: A

@160x120.jpg 101 Jewelry Lane: Anything To Do With Jewelry

?version=1&section=jewellery_and_adornment@160x120.jpg Victoria and Albert Museum - Learning - Schools and Teachers - Online Resources - Jewelry and Adornment

antiques.asp?mscssid=BB241XB31USR2LRV00AKHCB98JWB0LG9@160x120.jpg Mondera - The History of Jewelry

ancient_rome.asp@160x120.jpg - About Roman Jewelry

?version=1&section=metalwork@160x120.jpg Victoria and Albert Museum The Galleries - Jewelry, Silver & Metal

treas2.htm@160x120.jpg Tutankhamun's Treasures

Victorian Jewelry

redirect.asp?aid=280808&c=a&search=Zeitz%2C+Mary+Beth@160x120.jpg Mary Beth Zeitz

redirect.asp?aid=280808&item=40509@160x120.jpg Buy This Art Print At

jewel.htm@160x120.jpg Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

jewel.htm@160x120.jpg Egyptian Rings

bronze.htm@160x120.jpg ancient jewelry and fossils, roman rings, medieval jewelry, Byzantine, Celtic, Saxon

bcross.htm@160x120.jpg Byzantine Half-Reliquary Cross

@160x120.jpg Ancient Touch: ancient art, antiquities, ancient beads, artifacts of antiquity & medieval times

@160x120.jpg The Museum of Antiquities, the principal museum of archaeology in north east England. From Prehistory to the present day, especially, Hadrian's Wall and the Roman frontier.

anromjew.html@160x120.jpg Ancient Roman Jewelry with Free Colosseum Postcards Mailed from Rome

jewelry-history.htm@160x120.jpg Egyptian jewelry

Egyptian Jewelry Links

jewel.htm@160x120.jpg Egyptian rings dating from the New Kingdom period.

egypt.html@160x120.jpg Ancient Egyptian Collection

necklace.htm@160x120.jpg Necklace with Amulets (Egyptian)

museum.htm@160x120.jpg Egyptian Museum

faience.htm@160x120.jpg EGYPTIAN FAIENCE

necklace.html@160x120.jpg Necklace with Amulets

Artifacts.9.html@160x120.jpg Splendors of Ancient Egypt Artifacts: Jewels of a Princess

Ancient Greek JewelryAncient Greek Jewelry Links

main.html@160x120.jpg The Ancient gold of Kazakhstan

jewelery1.html@160x120.jpg Traditional Jewellery from Kazakhstan.

msub18c.htm@160x120.jpg Antiquity Jewelry Periods and Styles Research

e2250100.html@160x120.jpg Hellenic Jewelry

e01300.html@160x120.jpg Byzantine Jewelry

e01200.html@160x120.jpg Jewelry from the Geometric Period to Late Antiquity (9th c. BC-4th c. AD)

e010intro.html@160x120.jpg Jewelry from the Neolithic Period of Greece and from the Bronze Age of Macedonia

e010intro.html@160x120.jpg Jewelry from the Neolithic Period of Greece and from the Bronze Age of Macedonia

e01100.html@160x120.jpg Bronze Age Jewelry in Greece (ca. 3200-1100 BC)

139.html@160x120.jpg A Pearl of a Law

Pearls-Law-art.html@160x120.jpg Pearls-Law-art

index.html@160x120.jpg Greek Jewelry - 5000 years of tradition

Ancient Greek Jewelry

aj.htm@160x120.jpg aegean - ANICENT JEWELRY COLLECTION

@160x120.jpg MuseumSurplus Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Medieval antiquities

jewellery.htm@160x120.jpg Jewellery History Overview

index.html@160x120.jpg Greek Jewelry - 5000 years of tradition

e2250100.html@160x120.jpg Hellenic Jewelry Time Periods

romjwlry.htm@160x120.jpg Ancient Roman Jewelry

ornaments_en.html@160x120.jpg High Altai - Ornaments - Albis Photos - Text in English

plinyelder-nathist-33-6.html@160x120.jpg Ancient History Sourcebook: Pliny the Elder (23/4-79 CE): Natural History, XXXIII.6: Luxury in the Use of Rings

Roman Jewelry Links

index2.html@160x120.jpg The British Crown Jewels

4.html@160x120.jpg A Look at the Wedding Ring

@160x120.jpg Celtic Jewelry & Art -The Celtic Lady

alfred.jewel.html@160x120.jpg The Alfred Jewel

history.html@160x120.jpg 13th-11th Century BCE Cloisonné Enamels from Cyprus

value.htm@160x120.jpg Medieval Jewelry

types.htm@160x120.jpg Medieval Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Museum Reproduction Poesy Rings, Promise Rings, Renaissance Wedding Rings Jewelry and Gifts

id20.html@160x120.jpg Your Guide to Medieval Jewelry

Medieval Jewelry Links

index.htm@160x120.jpg Dress, Jewels, Arms and Coat of Arms: Medieval Culture and Self-Representation in the Late Middle Ages

may5.html@160x120.jpg The Floral Tradition In European Jewelry

lizjewel.htm@160x120.jpg Elizabethan Jewelry

index.html@160x120.jpg Jewels of Imelda Marcos former Fisrt Lady of the Philippines

default.php?FCT=A&A=476&R=15@160x120.jpg La Galerie d’Apollon, l’écrin des Diamants de la Couronne - LUXE-MAGAZINE.COM (French Crown Jewels)

index.htm@160x120.jpg SCHMUCK - JUWELEN | Royal and Famous Jewelry Collectors

msub18l.htm@160x120.jpg Renaissance 1400-1600 Research

Musee de la Louvre:


jewelhome.html@160x120.jpg Lady's Maid Jewels History

pilgrim.html@160x120.jpg Ladysmaid - Pilgrimage Badges

fans.html@160x120.jpg Lady's Maid Jewels - Fans

cheapside.html@160x120.jpg The Cheapside Hoard

barock_schmuck.htm@160x120.jpg Schmuck Kunst in den verschiedenen Kunst Epochen,Barock

Patch Boxes

Plates on Jewelry from Diderot's Encyclopedia

gjewelry.html@160x120.jpg Georgian Index - Jewelry

18th Century Jewelry

msub18g.htm@160x120.jpg Eighteenth Century 1700-1800 Research

@160x120.jpg Antique pocket watches from Pieces of Time - Worldwide Mail Order

@160x120.jpg Lang Antiques, Antique Jewelry & Estate Jewelry

georgian-jewelry.html@160x120.jpg Lang Antiques-Georgian Jewelry

victorian-jewelry.html@160x120.jpg Lang Antiques-Victorian Jewelry

e199.htm@160x120.jpg Italian Parure of tiny mosaic, c.1810

empire_schmuck.htm@160x120.jpg Schmuck Kunst in den verschiedenen Kunst Epochen,S.1 Empire

msub18h.htm@160x120.jpg Georgian Era 1810-1840 Research

biedermeier_schmuck.htm@160x120.jpg Schmuck, Mode Biedermeier

index.html@160x120.jpg Antique pocket watches from Pieces of Time - Worldwide Mail Order

etruscan.htm@160x120.jpg Victorian & Etruscan Revival Style Earrings

isbnInquiry.asp?z=y&EAN=9788837033743@160x120.jpg Barnes & - Books Stage Jewels, by Stefano Papi, Hardcover

index.html@160x120.jpg Antique Jewellery Museum Goettgen: pictures and sketches of historian jewellery

art-deco.html@160x120.jpg Jewellery Art Deco: necklace, bracelet, earring, ring, brooche in art deco style - Goettgen Jewellery museum

art-nouveau.html@160x120.jpg Jewellery Art Nouveau: brooche, necklace, earring, ring in art nouveau style - Goettgen Jewellery museum

romanticism-biedermeier.html@160x120.jpg Jewellery of Romanticism and Biedermeier: Goettgen antique jewellery museum

historism-empire-wilhelminian-style.html@160x120.jpg Jewellery Wilhelminian Style, Empire, Historism: Goettgen antique jewellery museum

jewelry.htm@160x120.jpg The Texture of Jewelry in Victorian England

default.asp@160x120.jpg - Welcome!

@160x120.jpg Antiques, Collectibles, Fine Art, Jewelry at Ruby Lane Sun, September 2nd

antiquities.cgi@160x120.jpg Talbots Historical Antiquities

jewel.html@160x120.jpg Talbots Medieval Jewelry and Accessories Directory Page

@160x120.jpg Antiquing On Line - Costume Jewelry, Victorian Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Hair Mourning Jewelry- Victorian Hairwork

ic_fs1.htm@160x120.jpg Treasures of St. Petersburg

76999178gIUmLr@160x120.jpg Webshots - Images of royal jewels

crown-co.html@160x120.jpg Crown, 1697, silver, precious and semi-precious stones.

gold-plated.html@160x120.jpg Crafty Fox Custom Coronets - Gold Plated

Juwelen.html@160x120.jpg Iranian Royal Jewelry

showthread.php?p=990264#post990264@160x120.jpg Islamica Community Forums - bridal wear

@160x120.jpg Mode-algerienne

jewels.html@160x120.jpg Best of Russia --- Royal Jewellery

collectSash.html@160x120.jpg Morning Glory Collects: Victorian & Edwardian Sash Pins

@160x120.jpg Jantiques & Collectibles Vintage Jewelry

history.htm@160x120.jpg Carina's Jewels: History of Costume Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Joseff of Hollywood Jewelry

nucleos.asp?nuc=a11&lang=en@160x120.jpg René Lalique

index.html@160x120.jpg LA GALERIE DES BIJOUX - UCAD

retro.htm@160x120.jpg Antique Jewelry Online - Retro Jewelry 1935-1950

index.asp?mysid=7Q2PL38560S92GBW00AKH1LJD14V4213&time=959077626850&fl=0@160x120.jpg Tiffany & Co.

@160x120.jpg Welcome to Harry Winston

jewelry_books.html@160x120.jpg Jewelry Books

lalique.html@160x120.jpg Lalique Tadema Gallery Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Arts & Crafts Jewelry : Jewellery

turquoise.html@160x120.jpg Tantalizing Turquoise

faberge.html@160x120.jpg Smoking out the secrets of a Fabergé treasure

articles.html@160x120.jpg Silver Jewelry of the Middle East

aa062197.htm@160x120.jpg The Chatelaine: Part I. What It Looks Like and Purpose

jewelry.htm@160x120.jpg The Texture of Jewelry in Victorian England (Bibliography)

msub35.htm@160x120.jpg History of Costume Jewelry.

@160x120.jpg Bakelite and Plastic Museum

bells.htm@160x120.jpg Tiger bells, an indication of common roots?

mbody.htm@160x120.jpg Costume Jewelry Collecting - Home Page

watch?v=P4_wtetNK20@160x120.jpg YouTube - Vintage Costume Jewelry History Designers

msub32.htm@160x120.jpg Fashion Hots in Costume Jewelry Collecting

thecostumersmani@160x120.jpg buying info: Costume Jewelry Identification and Price Guide (Confident Collector)

antiquity.html@160x120.jpg Pearls in Human History | American Museum of Natural History

@160x120.jpg Pearls, Pearl Necklace, Pearl Jewelry, Tahitian Pearls and Akoya Pearls

DiscoveryStore - Body Piercing: Adorning the Body in a Modern Age

@160x120.jpg Reetirivaz - Home of the Indian Religions and Cultures

Historical Reproduction Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Historical Reproduction JewelryAncient Egyptian Collection

@160x120.jpg Egyptian jewelry, Egyptian Cartouche - personalized Gift ideas

dress.html@160x120.jpg Dress up Egyptian

index.htm@160x120.jpg Carl Lemke Unique Jewelry: Heraldic Reproduction Jewelry

fleece.htm@160x120.jpg Order of the Golden Fleece Collar Replica

coronet_how_to_make.htm@160x120.jpg Coronet how to make

making_wax_seals.htm@160x120.jpg Making wax seals

PoisonRings.html@160x120.jpg Poison Rings from Gryphon's Moon

@160x120.jpg Cool, Real Egyptian Jewelry!

@160x120.jpg Antique, Victorian, Vintage & Reproduction Jewelry - Janeliunas Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Irish Rings, Celtic Wedding Bands, Celtic Wedding Rings, Mens Wedding Band at My Irish Jeweler

Dragonpipes-Store@160x120.jpg eBay Store - Dragonpipes Store: Renaissance Jewelry, Renaissance Headpieces, Speciality Items

@160x120.jpg - British History & Heritage - Britain's Favourite Source For Historical Gifts & Collectibles Since 1977.

@160x120.jpg Tudor Jewelry, Medieval Jewelry, accurate replica jewels.

@160x120.jpg Hayman Celtic Jewelry Welcome Page

@160x120.jpg Simpsons Jet Jewellery of Whitby

@160x120.jpg Tear Drop Memories - Mourning Jewelry and Vintage Goth Whatnots

?gclid=CJiI1qDKyJQCFR4vagodrXQ-kQ@160x120.jpg WhitbyJetStore - online store for Whitby Jet Pendants, Earrings, Rings, Cufflinks, Bracelets and Necklets

?ID=WEAPONS&ITEM=JEWELRY@160x120.jpg Jewelry at Swords Online . com

@160x120.jpg Museum Store Company, Art History, Art, Artifact, Archaeology

gold-plated.html@160x120.jpg Crafty Fox Custom Coronets - Gold Plated

@160x120.jpg The Prince Of Egypt Bazaar

@160x120.jpg A1handmade Egyptian Gifts Egyptian Jewelry

renaissance_medieval_jewelry.htm@160x120.jpg Maeve's Unmentionables - Renaissance and Medieval Jewelry, Fantasy Jewelry, Celtic Jewelry, Pagan Jewelry

diana.htm@160x120.jpg Princess Diana Tiara Replicas - Spencer Tiara and Cambridge Love Knot

jewelrypage1.html@160x120.jpg CLASSICAL JEWELRY ~ MEDIEVAL JEWELRY

jewel.htm@160x120.jpg Egyptian Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Art of Adornment - Victorian Gothic Jewelry Costume Accessories

Galleries.html@160x120.jpg Galleries_&_Private Dealers of Ancient Art and Artifacts

(Not reproduction)

@160x120.jpg Egyptian Jewelry, Cartouche Jewelry,

egyptian-jewelry.html@160x120.jpg Egyptian jewelry on Sapivi UK jewelry

@160x120.jpg Antique Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery, Mughal Jewellery, Indian Jewellery,

gold.htm@160x120.jpg Buy Egyptian Gold Pendant Amulet charms bracelets cartouches bangles Chains Rings necklace Egyptian Jewelry Gifts

jewelry.html@160x120.jpg GLOBAL MERCHANDISE - The Minoan Jewelry Collection

@160x120.jpg Nile Pharaoh - Elegant Handmade Egyptian Jewelry

id=12146792@160x120.jpg stellabeer eBay Store Egyptian Jewelry and Belly Dance Supplies

id=15504627@160x120.jpg THE EGYPT STORE eBay Store

@160x120.jpg Ice Cube Imports: Middle Eastern Dance Supplies

c38012p9503504.2.html@160x120.jpg Ice Cube Imports - Cleopatra Collar w. scarabs

c38012p9503512.2.html@160x120.jpg Ice Cube Imports - Cleopatra Collar

jewelry.html@160x120.jpg Jewelry

jewelry.html@160x120.jpg in Athens, Greece

shop.htm@160x120.jpg - British History & Heritage (Very inexpensive reproductions like those sold to kids at UK museum shops-great value)

@160x120.jpg Etsshopping- Jewelry for Film and TV

@160x120.jpg Blackwood Jewelry - Coronets and SCA era Jewelry Styles

14.htm@160x120.jpg BodgitBendit - REPLICA ARTEFACTS by BODGIT & BENDITCremation Jewelry, Memorial Jewelry & Cremation Lockets by Everlife Memorials

page_home.htm@160x120.jpg fettered Cock Pewters Home Page - Medieval Pilgrim Badge Reproductions and other medieval accessories

@160x120.jpg Gaukler Medieval Wares - jewelry and metalwork in ancient and medieval styles

Home.php@160x120.jpg Greek Jewelry - Gold Crosses - Worry Beads - Greek Rings

@160x120.jpg Tribal Silver and Belly Dance Jewelry - site has annoying audio files and mouse trails, but

@160x120.jpg has good stuff

@160x120.jpg Historical Costume Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Raymond's Quiet Press - Medieval Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Whitby Jet

default.asp@160x120.jpg Steve Millingham - Medieval and Tudor Pewter Replicas

default.aspx?sfid=100786@160x120.jpg StonEageHardware Beads, Stones

broochesdragon.htm@160x120.jpg fashion jewellery brooches dragonflies

@160x120.jpg Celtic rings, Celtic jewellery, welsh lovespoons.

rus.htm@160x120.jpg Birka Traders Jewellery Catalog - Rus'

gallery1a.htm@160x120.jpg Birka Traders - Rus Necklace

byzantium.htm@160x120.jpg Birka Traders Jewellery Catalog - Byzantium

viking.htm@160x120.jpg Birka Traders Jewellery Catalog - Viking & Saxon

antiquity.htm@160x120.jpg Birka Traders Jewellery Catalog - Antiquity

@160x120.jpg Black Dog Designs - Ballet and Bridal Tiaras

products.php?ID=24@160x120.jpg Byzantine jewelry Gold Byzantine cross and earrings designs

index.html@160x120.jpg The Greek Jewelry of Andrea Jerome

@160x120.jpg Celtic Jewelry & Art -The Celtic Lady Kalupe Jewelry

historical.html@160x120.jpg Historical Hand-made items, including the Viking Glass

vikingjewlery.html@160x120.jpg Historical Jewelry, Viking Jewelry

jewelry.htm@160x120.jpg Ede's Medieval Reenactment Page, Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Urweg - Viking, Norse, Celtic & Rus Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Aunt Harriet's Faux Vintage Jewelry

jewel.html@160x120.jpg Medieval Jewelry and Accessories Directory Page

medieval.html@160x120.jpg High Medieval and Later Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Primrose Path, aka the Vault of Valhalla Celtic & Norse Jewelry

new.htm@160x120.jpg Gaulker's Medieval Wares (Medieval and Roman reproduction Jewelry)

theironhook.html@160x120.jpg The Iron Hook

"Pirate" hooks & more

anfang.html@160x120.jpg Pagans Pride - Traditional Viking, Norse & Celtic Jewelry

@160x120.jpg oldeworlde--Classical, Celtic, Viking, Medieval, Pagan fashionable jewelry and handbags

zjwl-ndx.html@160x120.jpg Shop Index - Celtic Lady's Shop - filled with art, Jewelry & fonts

@160x120.jpg Celtic jewelry, celtic wedding rings, celtic cross, medieval jewelry, celtic designs

@160x120.jpg Lord of the Rings Jewelry, Fantasy Jewelry, Rune Jewelry & Other Jewelry Lines.

@160x120.jpg Errant Knight Jewellery Home Page

vickilynn.html@160x120.jpg Vicki Lynn- Movie & TV jewelry Period Replicas

Uniquessentials_W0QQsspagenameZl2QQtZkm@160x120.jpg eBay Store - Uniquessentials: UEI Brand Salwar Kameez, UEI Brand Costume Jewel, and UEI Brand Fashion Saris

@160x120.jpg Warrior Jewelry and Armour. For the Warrior in You!

vaje.html@160x120.jpg Vatican Jewelry with Free Pope John Paul II medallion

@160x120.jpg Dark Quest Trading

garter_star.htm@160x120.jpg Order of the Garter Star

garter_king_badge.htm@160x120.jpg Garter King Badge

garter_collar.html@160x120.jpg Garter Collar

@160x120.jpg Medieval/Renaissance inspired Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Victoria's Jewelry Box - Exquisite Victorian Style Jewelry

collar_of_ss.htm@160x120.jpg collar of SS

rosecrwn.htm@160x120.jpg Rose N Crown reproductions

@160x120.jpg Raymond's Quiet Press. Medieval Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Drachenstein Treasures Medieval & Renaissance Reproduction Jewelry

page7.shtml@160x120.jpg Viking and Celtic Jewelry - Grannd Garb

@160x120.jpg Illusion Jewels Vintage Jewelry & Collectible Costume Jewelry, also has original jewelry designs by Dorothea, including Renaissance jewelry.

@160x120.jpg Reproduction Viking Age Art and Artifacts (includes jewelry)

index.html@160x120.jpg Vivian Alexander - Artistic Hand Crafted Minaudieres Based on the Works of Faberge

@160x120.jpg Lady's Maid Jewels: Historic Jewelry For The Costuming Community

@160x120.jpg L'Elizabeth R. Renaissance Portraiture ~ Online Marketplace

@160x120.jpg Leila Cools Jewelry Making

@160x120.jpg Gaukler Medieval Wares (Reproduction Jewelry)

@160x120.jpg CLASSIC-JEWELRY - Manufacturer of fine Garnet Jewelry based on 19th Century Bohemian Designs

@160x120.jpg Carl Lemke Unique Jewelry

jc3.html@160x120.jpg Jewelcollect Online Club Home Page Links

@160x120.jpg Jewels by Count Alexander

enindex.htm@160x120.jpg ilias LALAoUNIS-JEWELRY MUSEUM

merchant.ihtml?id=4&step=2@160x120.jpg Greek Shop - Jewelry


index.asp@160x120.jpg Wholesale Silver Jewelry and Gifts from India

@160x120.jpg Joseff of Hollywood Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Wampum Beads, Wampum Jewelry, and Wampum Making

celticjewelry.htm@160x120.jpg jewelry page of the web site

@160x120.jpg Museum Replicas Limited->Swords, Hunting Knives, Daggers, Helmets, Armour, Jewelry etc.

@160x120.jpg Online Belly Dancing Catalog - Wholesale Afghan Jewlery - Internet Bead Catalog - Lapis & Carnelian, Turkoman & Koochi - Shop Online Catalog - Central Asian Imports - Textiles, Furniture, Antiques, Beads & Jewelry from Kuchi, Turkoman, Sindhi, Punjab, Baluch, Afghan, Pathan, Waziri, Kazak, Uzbek tribes

@160x120.jpg A La Vieille Russie - Dealers in Fine Antique Jewelry and Faberge

catalog.asp?cat=40@160x120.jpg Moroccan Jewelry straight from the Kingdom of Morocco at Moroccan Caravan


bgallery.htm@160x120.jpg ButtonsThe Button Gallery Antique Buttons

h72.htm@160x120.jpg Buttons 0f 1796

buttons.html@160x120.jpg Retro Button Sets (Very cool!)

object_jan00.html@160x120.jpg The Object at Hand - A Mystery in Miniature

thecostumersmani@160x120.jpg National Button Bulletin [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION]

index.html@160x120.jpg Stone's Neat Stuff & Emporium Victorian and Contemporary Knitting Patterns & Buttons


@160x120.jpg China Calico Buttons


thecostumersmani@160x120.jpg 50 Heirloom Buttons to Make : A gallery of decorative fabric, needle-lace, crochet, and ribbon and braid closures you can create

buttons.html@160x120.jpg buttons galore

febutt98.htm@160x120.jpg Button Collecting

Buttonhooks.html@160x120.jpg Buttonhooks

button_making.htm@160x120.jpg Button Making in Dorset, England

rail.html@160x120.jpg San Francisco Bay Area and California Railway Uniform Buttons

@160x120.jpg Shelly's Buttons and More

Cloisonne.html@160x120.jpg Lapel Pin Productions - Cloisonné Lapel Pins - Lapel Pins

18thcenturybuttons.htm@160x120.jpg 18th Century Buttons

index.html@160x120.jpg Button Bytes Light - Welcome!

9901-pB2.html@160x120.jpg eBay Life 18th Century Coat Features Spectacular Buttons

feat73.htm@160x120.jpg Country Life Online 18th Century Buttons

buttonsarticle.html@160x120.jpg The World’s Most Popular Collectible Secret!

@160x120.jpg Where2Guide: Grandmother's Buttons

webring?ring=buttoncollect;list@160x120.jpg WebRing: Button Collectors

@160x120.jpg Jewelry: Antiquewear Button Jewelry


Showcase.htm@160x120.jpg CufflinksÀ St-Germain des Prés - Vintage Cufflinks

mens-c-29.html@160x120.jpg Men's fine jewelry from Gregory & Co.


index.html@160x120.jpg WatchesAntique pocket watches from Pieces of Time - Worldwide Mail Order

object.asp?categoryid=1&row=95&ckid=340184@160x120.jpg Brighton & Hove Museums - Watch and Chatelaine. 1784

history_toc.html@160x120.jpg A Brief History of Precision Timekeeping - Table of Contents

enameling.htm@160x120.jpg History of Enameling on Antique Watches

jaquetdroz.htm@160x120.jpg The Jaquet Droz (18th Century watches)

patek%20philippe.htm@160x120.jpg Patek Philippe The Forgotten Beginnings (19th Century Polish watches)

watches.html@160x120.jpg Manor House Museum - English Watches

ai_73410730@160x120.jpg Magazine Antiques: Watch Chatelaines In The Munson-Williams-Proctor - Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, NY

time.html@160x120.jpg i&d's Cultivation: Wristwatches

@160x120.jpg antique pocket watches

@160x120.jpg newyorktime pre-owned and vintage wristwatches.

antiquewatches.html@160x120.jpg A HISTORY OF THE WATCH (plus links to Antique Watch Dealers)

@160x120.jpg Beaded Watch Headquarters - Shop @ hhh enterprisess

bios.html#Jays_Watches@160x120.jpg Pocket Calculator Nerd Watch Museum

@160x120.jpg Sovietski Collection: Distinctive Timepieces, Optics, Gifts and Collectibles from a Bygone Era.



glasses.html@160x120.jpg Glasses

binoc4.html@160x120.jpg Opera Glasses 2.5x24

colored_contacts.htm@160x120.jpg Colored Contact Lenses - No Prescription Needed

frameset_global.asp?fld=prod&stl=accessrs@160x120.jpg Peepers Fun Reading Glasses and Eyeglasses - Peepers by Sammann

search_party.asp@160x120.jpg Sharkeyes Party and Costume Sunglasses

Antique_spectacles.htm@160x120.jpg Collecting Antique Eye Glasses and Spectacles

@160x120.jpg Aviator Sunglasses, Sunglasses, Shooting Glasses, Reading Sunglasses - Extreme Eyewear

product.jsp?productId=prod120019&navCount=0@160x120.jpg German Goggles - steampunk looking

index.html@160x120.jpg Ed Welch's Antique Vintage Eyeglasses and Spectacles, Winslow, ME 207-872-5849

pince-nez.html@160x120.jpg 19th Century Pince-Nez, Ed Welch's Antiques, Matrix Style Eyeglasses

18th-century-spectacles.html@160x120.jpg 18th Century Antique Spectacles, Vintage Eyeglasses, Ed Welch's Antiques

product.asp?sku=2ACSU0048@160x120.jpg Pince-Nez Sunglasses in the style of that Seen on The Matrix: Reloaded Prop Specs

index.php@160x120.jpg Extreme Eyewear - Aviator Sunglasses Aviator Glasses Shooting Glasses Prescription Shooting Glasses Top Brands

renaissance.htm@160x120.jpg Prop Specs: Renaissance Glasses

index.htm@160x120.jpg PROP SPECS: Modern & Vintage Eyewear for Rent and Sale

@160x120.jpg Brass Goggles- SteamPunk Links

?page_id=133@160x120.jpg Brass Goggles » How-To Costume Goggles

Pince-nez@160x120.jpg Pince-nez - Wikipedia

index.html@160x120.jpg Collectible spectacles,ophthalmic items,ophthalmoscopes and rare books about eyes - Catalog


index1.htm@160x120.jpg Charlotte's Optical ... eyewear, designer eyewear, gucci eyewear, glasses, frames, gourmet eyewear

@160x120.jpg l.a. Eyeworks

index.htm@160x120.jpg Tutto sugli occhiali pince-nez

@160x120.jpg Interoptika > Optics > Spectacular Museum

index.htm@160x120.jpg British Optical Association museum

Spectacles%20Home.htm@160x120.jpg Spectacles Home

indxac.htm@160x120.jpg Fun 'n Folly Costume Accessories

eyescene.htm@160x120.jpg EYE SCENE

@160x120.jpg Shades of Fun! Wedding Accessories, Wedding Favors

@160x120.jpg PROP SPECS: Modern & Vintage Eyewear for Rent and Sale

glasses_details.asp?ProdID=160@160x120.jpg Lens Palace: Reading Glasses

@160x120.jpg ARC - Vision, Your Source for Reading Glasses


index.html@160x120.jpg HatpinsHatpin Collector's Website

Large Size Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Large Size JewelryAccessories: Fashion, Glamour & Beauty - Rhinestone Jewelry, Wigs, Shoes, Handbags, Leather, Breast Forms - Glamorous Woman

Jewelry Making

@160x120.jpg Jewelry MakingRhinestones, loose, rhinestones by the yard, for costumes, wholesale

@160x120.jpg The Wire Artist Jeweler Magazine

@160x120.jpg Leila Cools Jewelry Making

@160x120.jpg Precious Metal Clay, PMC

@160x120.jpg McKinnon Global - Creative Jewelry and Tools

@160x120.jpg Jewelry Making Supplies | Contenti - Jewelers Tools, Beading Supplies, Metal Working Tools

@160x120.jpg Beaded Watch Headquarters - Shop @ hhh enterprisess

Chapter 1 Creating Non-Toxic Metal Jewelry Finishes

Chapter 6 Cast Acrylic Jewels

@160x120.jpg Metal Clay - Precious Metal Clay - PMC and Art Clay Silver and Gold on Squidoo

1photo.htm@160x120.jpg Society of American Silversmiths - Photo Tips for Metalsmiths

Photos of a cheap and easy jewelry photographing setup like those described above

index.htm@160x120.jpg Carl Lemke Unique Jewelry: Heraldic Reproduction Jewelry

coronet_how_to_make.htm@160x120.jpg Coronet how to make

@160x120.jpg Jewelry Making Supplies - Turquoise Jewelry - Native American Jewelry - Cabochons at a Discount

products.html@160x120.jpg Aladdin's Lamp -- Costume Supply (Glitz)

bmisc-1.html@160x120.jpg Plastic Wood and Stone Beads - Jan's Jewels and More!

ajm-wax-carving-basics.htm@160x120.jpg [Ganoksin Jewelry Making - Cut Loose - Wax Carving Basics: Part 1]

welcome.htm@160x120.jpg Welcome to Eclectic Etcetera Beads and Supplies!

home.htm@160x120.jpg Beads and Jewelry Supplies from Eclectic Etc.

coronet_how_to_make.htm@160x120.jpg Coronet how to make

@160x120.jpg Gilding the Lily specializes in vintage components and found items

@160x120.jpg Beads, Beading supplies, and jewelry making supplies at HHH Enterprises

Cloisonne.html@160x120.jpg Lapel Pin Productions - Cloisonne Lapel Pins - Lapel Pins

@160x120.jpg Accents Beads- Wholesale Beads and Findings

@160x120.jpg - Wholesale Jewelry Supplies: Findings, Beads, Crystal, Cord, Charms

@160x120.jpg Silver-Clay.Com

index.htm@160x120.jpg Sculpey - polymer clay projects, products and resources

MM004.ASP?pageno=138@160x120.jpg Jewelry Pliers

index.html@160x120.jpg Costume Jewelry Supplies

@160x120.jpg PMCGUILD - the Professional Organization for Precious Metal Clay Artists and Users

_jewellery.htm@160x120.jpg Gold Bead Jewelry, and Jewelry Supply

1clay.htm@160x120.jpg Society of American Silversmiths - Precious Metal Clay

498str.htm@160x120.jpg Lapidary Journal: The Alchemy of Precious Metal Clay (April 1998 Feature Story)

Beads & Beadwork

beadwork@160x120.jpg Beads & BeadworkBeadwork -

webring?ring=beadthing;list@160x120.jpg The BeadThing Ring

@160x120.jpg Beads, Beading supplies, and jewelry making supplies at HHH Enterprises

B_0371.htm@160x120.jpg BANGLAPEDIA: Bead

bead_history.html@160x120.jpg Bead Expo 2003 - History of Beads

webring?ring=bead;list@160x120.jpg Bead Ring

@160x120.jpg Beads, Beading supplies, and jewelry making supplies at HHH Enterprises

@160x120.jpg Bead & Jewelry Making Links

index.html@160x120.jpg Welcome to Bead-Media: Projects and Patterns for Bead Craft

@160x120.jpg Beaded Jewelry, Lampwork & Glass Beads Wholesale Beading Supplies of Beads

index.html@160x120.jpg DRAGON BEADS

home.asp@160x120.jpg Beadbox for Beads, Bead Supplies and Beading Projects.

@160x120.jpg Bead Studio - Best Selection of Beads, Charms & Beading Supplies

@160x120.jpg BEAD & BUTTON Magazine

@160x120.jpg Unicorn Grove Jewelry

beads.htm@160x120.jpg beads - about beads

@160x120.jpg Beaded Watch Headquarters - Shop @ hhh enterprisess

@160x120.jpg Beki Rosenthal Beaded Jewelry Dressy Goddesses Gargoyles Otters Glass and Ceramic Beads

index.html@160x120.jpg About Passage Beaded Handbags

@160x120.jpg BagLady Press Homepage

@160x120.jpg Beads for all. The Bead Site is the Center for Bead Research on-line.

index.html@160x120.jpg BarbsBags Bead Knitted Handbags

@160x120.jpg - Home Page

@160x120.jpg Fiber Images for Bead Crafts, Fabric Crafts, Paper Crafts, and Yarn Crafts

@160x120.jpg General Bead's Home Page

@160x120.jpg Bead Studio - Best Selection of Beads, Charms & Beading Supplies

@160x120.jpg Shipwreck Beads Home Page

index.html@160x120.jpg Blessed Beads - a heavenly site!

@160x120.jpg WEBP1A

sca-beadmaker@160x120.jpg Yahoo! Groups : sca-beadmaker

@160x120.jpg Megan Noël's Bead Artisan's Home Page

@160x120.jpg General Bead's Home Page

welcome.htm@160x120.jpg Welcome to Eclectic Etcetera Beads and Supplies!

home.htm@160x120.jpg Beads and Jewelry Supplies from Eclectic Etc.

@160x120.jpg Accents Beads- Wholesale Beads and Findings


index.html@160x120.jpg Blessed Beads - a heavenly site!

bead.html@160x120.jpg African Beaded Splendor

@160x120.jpg Fashion and Beadwork

_jewellery.htm@160x120.jpg Gold Bead Jewelry, and Jewelry Supply

ndebele.htm@160x120.jpg African Market - Traditional tribal beadwork from the Ndebele

beads.htm@160x120.jpg Ancient beads from Archeological digs for sale.

@160x120.jpg NEWKINGDOM Beadwork by Pat Savu, free patterns, and Egyptian inspired designs

@160x120.jpg Creative Beadcraft

Jewelry.htm@160x120.jpg Jewelry Making and Beading Projects at AllCrafts!

@160x120.jpg Wampum Beads, Wampum Jewelry, and Wampum Making

Modern Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Modern JewelryArt of Stone...silver and gold jewelry

@160x120.jpg Beki Rosenthal Beaded Jewelry Dressy Goddesses Gargoyles Otters Glass and Ceramic Beads in2skin Body Jewelry

default_en.htm@160x120.jpg MARCO MELI: modern florence jewels production and sale.

@160x120.jpg Unique new and classic designs of wedding rings from LOTR One Ring Creator Jens Hansen

@160x120.jpg iron tribes (Iron jewelry, corsets, and body art for women)

@160x120.jpg Karthia: Hand Crafted Gold & Sterling Silver Jewelry, Fine Art

@160x120.jpg Turquoise Jewelry - Indian Jewelry - Native American Jewelry -

@160x120.jpg Silver Jewellery Exporter,Silver Jewellery India,Silver Jewellery Manufacturer,Coral Jewellery Exporter,Turquoise Jewellery Exp

@160x120.jpg Jewelry from the Stars Celebrity Fashion & Silver Jewelry Trends

@160x120.jpg GameOnSmash - Hip Hop Jewelry Iced Out Jewelry Bling Bling

silver-gothic-charms.html@160x120.jpg Silver Gothic Pendants and Charms - DragonWeave Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Spindrift Creations ...designer handmade jewellery

@160x120.jpg sterling silver jewelry handmade

@160x120.jpg Victorian Rose Jewelry, Beads Made from Roses with Swarovski Crystal

Gothic Jewelry

dscn7053.htm@160x120.jpg Yowah Designer Jewellery 2002 - (Leather & Opal wearable art bra)

index.htm@160x120.jpg Studded Wristbands at the Garment District

home.php@160x120.jpg Body piercing jewelry, body jewelry online, wholesale body jewelry, belly button ring

@160x120.jpg Dichroic Jewellery India,Cabochons Exporters,Silver Jewellery Exporter,Silver Jewellery Manufacturer,Silver Jewellery India,Jai

@160x120.jpg Claire Prebble - Overall Winner of the 2004 WOW Wearable Art Awards.


@160x120.jpg Italian jewelry, knives & swords, sporting goods, zippo, hepa filters

@160x120.jpg Mongolian style filigree Jewelry

@160x120.jpg Body Piercing Jewelries in Factory Price (Wholesale & Retail )

@160x120.jpg Ralph Singer Company, home of ORA Creations, Manufacturer of Fashion and Fraternal Jewelry since 1921

@160x120.jpg Autumn Gallery - Handmade Jewelry in Sterling Silver and Gold


Click.asp?BID=3942&AfID=11336&AdID=784@160x120.jpg Handcrafted pewter belt buckles featuring NASCAR, NFL, military, wildlife & hundreds more to choose from.

@160x120.jpg 1 2 3 Jewelry wholesalers - serving fashion jewelry wholesalers, fashion accessories distributors. Latest fashion jewelry import from China

@160x120.jpg Cultured Pearl Jewelry and necklaces. South Sea Tahitian, Akoya, and Freshwater Pearls, Earrings and Bridal Jewelry

@160x120.jpg LongLocks HairSticks Boutique: Vintage Crystal Hair Sticks and Jewelry Accessories For Long Hair Styles

@160x120.jpg Profoundia: Henna, Bindis, crystal and other temporary tattoos.

TryxHome.html@160x120.jpg Crown Jewels Tryx Hair Adornment . . . over 60 shapes in your hair.

PoisonRings.html@160x120.jpg Poison Rings from Gryphon's Moon

@160x120.jpg, ecommerce website of tropical home decor, interior decoration, handmade silver jewelry and unique handmade gifts.

@160x120.jpg Wholesale Indonesian handicrafts, Fabric, Bali art, silver jewelry , body jewelry to USA and Canada

insects.htm@160x120.jpg Insect Jewelry from Luna Parc's Ricky Boscarino

@160x120.jpg LACEWING JEWELRY Gorgeous Jewelry From Vintage Beads & Antique Findings

@160x120.jpg Lea Stein and Pavone Collectible Jewelry

@160x120.jpg biggest online shop for passion body jewelry.

@160x120.jpg C Y N T H I A

@160x120.jpg Joseff of Hollywood Jewelry

index.asp?mysid=7Q2PL38560S92GBW00AKH1LJD14V4213&time=959077626850&fl=0@160x120.jpg Tiffany & Co.

@160x120.jpg Welcome to Harry Winston

@160x120.jpg We are a Korean Costume Jewelry Goods Internet wholesaler

@160x120.jpg LEONDARAKIS - Modern Jewelry from Greece

perlshop.cgi?ACTION=enter&thispage=lobby.html&ORDER_ID=!ORDERID!@160x120.jpg Snapdragon Gifts - Main Page

@160x120.jpg Jewelry From Vintage Beads & Antique Findings


Other Jewelry Links

jewelry_books.html@160x120.jpg Other Jewelry LinksJewelry Books

default.php@160x120.jpg JewelInfo4U Information about various gemstones, their properties and mythology

@160x120.jpg Precious Gems and Semi Precious Gems Stones and Crystals Cynthia Khans Website

rhinestone.html@160x120.jpg Raw Vision: The Original Rhinestone Cowboy

home.html@160x120.jpg Stumps PromNet: Prom and Party Supplies

@160x120.jpg Mandala Gifts Catalog Supplies for Oriental Dance

@160x120.jpg Chandra's - Belly Dance Supplies On-Line Catalog

index.html@160x120.jpg Vivian Alexander - Artistic Hand Crafted Minaudieres Based on the Works of Faberge

discoverworld.html@160x120.jpg Discover the World of Jewelry

msub15.htm@160x120.jpg A-Z Glossary Definitions Word Meanings. Costume Jewelry Collecting

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Product Links

Jewelry Concepts & Technology Jewelry Concepts & Technology

Jewelry Design: The Artisan's Reference (Jewelry Crafts) Jewelry Design: The Artisan's Reference (Jewelry Crafts)

Art Nouveau Jewelry Art Nouveau Jewelry

: How to Cast Small Metal and Rubber Parts : How to Cast Small Metal and Rubber Parts

Jewels of Lalique Jewels of Lalique

Modeling in Wax for Jewelry and Sculpture (Jewelry Crafts) Modeling in Wax for Jewelry and Sculpture (Jewelry Crafts)

Practical Casting (Jewelry Crafts) Practical Casting (Jewelry Crafts)

The Encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making Techniques: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques The Encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making Techniques: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques




Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing (Jewelry Crafts) Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing (Jewelry Crafts)

Working with Precious Metal Clay Working with Precious Metal Clay

Hidden Treasures - Signed Costume Jewelry Vol. 1 Hidden Treasures - Signed Costume Jewelry Vol. 1

Metal Detector With Detachable Handle Metal Detector With Detachable Handle


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