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PortfolioPortfolioscans2Earnest4.jpg"The Importance of Being Artificial; Style as Substance in Oscar Wilde's

Importance of Being Earnest in Theatre Design and Technology






"Putting Design into the Hands of the Actor: The Omnigarment", in Theatre Design and Technology.




Costume Crafts at 50 Below: The Fairbanks Non Toxic Crafts Cookbook", published in Theatre Design and Technology.

9 different Quarterly Columns:

Costume Sites on the WWW" and

"Making a Website for your Costume Program", published in The Costume Research Journal.

"She Saves Who Sews for Victory"; Home Sewing on the American Home Front in Costume the Journal of the Costume Society (UK), 1992.

Native Alaskan Costume Bibliographyin The Northwest Theatre Review, Spring 1993, Editor and Co-author.

"Putting Personality into Your Portfolio and Resume"Published in TD&T

Library Costume Resources; A Supplementpublished in The USITT Newsletter (now called Sightlines

A Student's Guide to Budget TravelPlanning", published exactly as I wrote it in College Monthly.

Perfumes for the Period Scent",published exactly as I wrote it in The Lady's Gallery

Costume Museums ofSt. Petersburg: TheEthnographic Museumwritten for The Lady's Gallery just before that publication folded without printing it.

"Stereographs as an Educational Resource in Costume History" in TD&T 1997.

Mushroom Hunting at a Russian Dachapublished as written in Mushroom, The Journal of Wild Mushrooming. This articlealso includes writing I did in "Mushroom Magic" a shorter article Iwrote for The St. Petersburg Press, which was slightly edited and improved by myfirst editor at the Press.

Hunting for Fungi With Your Cata goofy article I've written for Mushroom, The Journal, which I'm told will becoming out soon.

The Sacred Cats of St.Petersburg,as I wrote it. This was slightly shortened into "Where Cats are Tsars",as edited by my first editor at The St. Petersburg Press

The St.Petersburg PetMarketThe St. Petersburg Press

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