Photos of Shoelace the Costume Shop CatPhotos of Shoelace

Click Hereto see shoelace flying

PhotoalbumCatBotlecap.jpg Shoelace plays with the bottlecaps used on the metal dress worn in the MmeExcedrin graphic that is the old symbol of

The Costumer's Manifesto. This metal dress was also used as thecostume for the Bell in

The Bell That Rang For Itself.

PhotoalbumCatCompukit.jpg Here Shoelace tries typing onTara's computer a few days after adopting Milla and Tara in St. Petersburg.

PhotoalbumCatCompucat.jpg Here she is at about sevenmonths old, trying to play with the portable printer in Milla's apartment.

PhotoalbumCatPortrat2.jpg Shoelace poses for her portraitin front of one of Milla's Paintings in St.Petersburg.


PhotoalbumCatShopdoor.jpg Shoelace patrols the

Theatre UAF Costume Shop whereshe now commutes each day with Tara (her human) the UAF costume designer and author of

The Costumer's Manifesto.

PhotoalbumCatShopstol.jpg In the UAF Costume Shop,Shoelace hunts silverfish and plays bead hockey. She has learned to jump from the cuttingtable four feet through the air to the crafts table through an embroidery hoop for theamusement of all. (Click

HERE to seeanimation of hoop jump)

Makeup2002Animal2Mvc-001f.jpgShoelace poses with her human Tara after Tara does a

MakeupClass demonstration of Cat makeup.

PhotoalbumCat92872 01.jpg Click photo for larger image. I originally bought this fish tank as a sort of"Cat TV" for Shoelace. After a few weeks, however she lost interest. To get whatlooks like a spontaneous picture of her peering into the tank I had to do a set-up shot.Just out of site to the left is a reflector lamp shooting tungsten light up into her face,and up through the tank. I bribed the cat into getting into position by putting fish foodflakes on the lid of the tank (a favorite of hers). She is, in fact, crouching down tolick the flakes off the lid, not peering into the tank as it seems. In actual fact shecannot even see the fish in this position.

ClassprojectMakeupclass84869 12.jpg Here Shoelace is my model for "AnimalMakeup" for my demonstration in my

Theatre Makeup class.

PhotoalbumCat92872 00.jpg This more dangerous shot is nota set-up however. Shoelace cannot seem to be broken of the habit of crawling intodry-cleaning bags at work. Happily she never presses her nose into them, and so we havebeen lucky so far at avoiding kitty asphyxiation.

PhotoalbumCat92917 09.jpg.For better safety here is a photo of Shoelace's observation net, where shecould sit out on the 8th floor balcony of Milla's apartment without danger of an attemptat flying. (Click photo for enlarged view).

PhotoalbumCat64819 12.jpg Shoelace sits in one of her many indoor planters Iuse to give her a sense of the outdoors while we are trapped inside in Fairbanks' longWinter.

PhotoalbumCat64819 17.jpg Favorite indoor sports include hiding underobjects.

PhotoalbumCat64822 19.jpg She also practices leaping indoors, in this casefrom one narrow padded chair back to another. This requires she use exactitude inher jump rather than a large leap. Shoelace never misses, but is sometimes sodistracted by the thinking involved in calculating the leap that she forgets to eat hertreats once she lands.

PhotoalbumCat64819 22.jpg Shoelace sits in the middle of my not-at-all MarthaStewart bedroom.

Shoelace in the Costume Shop During the build of

LesLiaisons Dangereuses:











PhotoalbumCat70986 06.jpg

2002londonvegasLasvegasPict0004.jpg Shoelace at 8 years old




Shoelace at almost 10 years old, catching some sun:








PhotoalbumCatPict0009.jpgMu, Shoelace's roommate

Another cat of our acquaintance, Haoli:




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