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Notebook pages devoted to the concept of making art thatamuses cats.



Plexiglas cylinder with climbing bars and a mirrorball on a spring



Stuffed Dead mice on springs




Top: Plexiglas boxes with climbing ropes and nettingtubes connecting the boxes. Bottom: Box with climbing ropes, box with dangling bells, boxwith layers with holes for climbing through, box with ping-pong balls.



A cat's gallery of amusement boxes, at cat level thatcan be climbed in . Left box with alternating carpet and mirror strips, right box withdangling mirrors.


PhotoalbumCat92917 10.jpg.The Cat Hat, a hatdesigned with a bubble of netting sewn to the top that the cat could crawl into from theback. She would grip onto the cloth of the hat with her claws and then play with the beadsand bottlecaps sewn inside. Eventually she became too large to balance and stopped usingit. hHere I am posing with her in the hat in the elevator:

PhotoalbumCat92917 12.jpg Here Iamuse the local children by showing them the cat in the hat as I chalk Lewis Carroll onthe pavement:

PhotoalbumCat92917 11.jpg


And here is a costume designed by Shoelace'sother Mom, Milla Kalen.


"This design for a cat's costume suddenly appeared in my imagination after our cat's trip to the dacha, and after watching an innumerable amount of old ladies carrying their cats in baskets. The side cages belong to a bird and a mouse, so the cat can run around between and be amazed as much as possible." ----Milla Kalen

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