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The Costumer's Manifesto: Costume Sites on the WWW #2: Costume SuppliesBy Tara Maginnis

New web sites with useful supplies for costumers appear daily on the net. This list touches on the ones that really stand out either due to quantity, quality or prices of goods. For more supply links go to my Costume Supply Links Page at

Dancewear & Shoes

Tootsies Dance Shoes@160x120.jpg

Has a large colorful selection of dance quality spectators, saddle shoes, Victorian and Western boots.


Comprehensive selection of all the clothing and footwear needs of Swing Dance Revivalists. Zoot suits, cat glasses, scarlet fedoras, seamed hose, and retro bowling shirts, and other items reviving the wilder American Fashion trends from 1935-1955.

Discount Dance Supply@160x120.jpg

Very large selection of moderately priced dance items like unitards, shoes, dresses and tights, with an emphasis on ballet items.

Fabric & Notions

Palladia Passementerie

Gorgeous woven trimmings at a gorgeous site.

Phoenix Textiles@160x120.jpg

Incredibly cheap fabric in an odd assortment of styles. If you live far from a major metropolitan garment district or mill town with access to cheap bolt ends, this online store brings that kind of discount outlet price to your locale.

Silk Connection@160x120.jpg

Large variety of (mostly undyed) silks at nearly wholesale price. Sells truly obscure silk items like silk for use with ink-jet printers, Burn-out (Devore), and Solid Silk/Rayon Velvets with burnout supplies to make your own Devore patterns.

Dharma Trading Co.@160x120.jpg

Online source for every dye and fabric paint that can be bought in a bottle or packet. Also cheap silk garments, yardage and dye/paint tools.


An online version of the famous catalog with every obscure sewing gadget known to man.

Hedgehog Handworks@160x120.jpg

“Hard-to-find needlework and costuming supplies for needle workers, costumers, and historical re-enactors.” One of the cheapest sites for pre cut corset bones.


A massive searchable selection of obscure costume, millinery, & needlework tools & supplies, corset parts, historic patterns, costume books, and even acid-free boxes & paper for storing antiques.

Milliner Supply & Feathers

Victoria Louise, Mercers victoria.html@160x120.jpg

Milliner supply company, with trim, feathers, patterns, wire, and other supplies catering to Victorian reenactors who make their own costumes, and antique collectors doing restoration on hats.

American Feathers and Feather Products MOVED

Large wholesale and retail priced selection of all possible feather items for costuming.

Vintage Feathers broken link

Vintage ready-made feather hat trims from the 1930’s-40’s. Unusual stuff.

Fred’s Hat Blocksfjraab@160x120.jpg

Custom order and ready-made hat blocks in an assortment of styles.

Patterns Patterns of Time @160x120.jpg

. Site is rather hard to navigate and ugly, but has a huge selection of period patterns, and other costume supplies.

Harper House@160x120.jpg

Another rather unattractively designed page, easier to navigate than the above, and having nearly (but not quite) as many patterns of all eras.

Rusty Zipper Vintage Clothingindex.cfm@160x120.jpg

Sells Vintage patterns and clothing, with particular strength in 1950’s-1970’s. Searchable database of their patterns.

The Renaissance Tailor@160x120.jpg

Has free copies of several Late 16th & early 17th Century Tailor’s pattern books online, with instructions on how to translate the patterns to actual garments.

Shop Equipment

Sean James Garment Racks @160x120.jpg MOVED

Heavy duty commercially built garment racks in all sizes.

Fabulous Fit Dress Forms @160x120.jpg

Sells traditional costume shop dress forms as well as their own custom-fit discount model that can change size and shape with pads.

Cyberform Dress

Dress forms with an assortment of design innovations. Will make custom form shapes for you with a computer scan.

The Costume Computer Software

Sells several different costume related pieces of software, for patterning, inventory, and wardrobe management.

Underwear & Corset Stuff


Has very hard to find fabric and notions, especially those needed in the construction of period corsets and hoops. Prices in Canadian dollars!

Custom Corset Pattern Generator MOVED Completely free online pattern generator that does an Elizabethan Corset pattern to your measurements.

Laughing Moon

A small pattern company that puts out only five patterns, all late Victorian. However, their pattern for “Victorian Underwear” is the best offered by any company, and includes TWO corset patterns, a chemise and divided drawers, in all sizes 6-26 in a single $12 pattern.

Grannd Garb: Corset Notions Pagepage3.shtml@160x120.jpg

Lots of obscure corset notions, on a page on a larger Costume Supply site.

Weird Stuff

Shadowalker’s Armor and Accoutrements MOVED

If it is made of chain mail. These guys have it.

Starr Fayrie Fae’s Wings @160x120.jpg

Reasonably priced ready made insect style wings in a variety of sizes and patterns.

Wigs & Makeup

Best Wig (aka European Wigs)@160x120.jpg

Low priced costume and street quality wigs, good selection, reasonable shipping costs.

Fun ‘n’ Folly Wig Indexindxwigs.htm#indxwigstop@160x120.jpg

Part of a general Halloween/party store with lots of very inexpensive costume wigs.

Would You Believe? and AAA Costume: Ben Nye Catalog Online bn_intro.htm@160x120.jpg

Has the complete line of Ben Nye makeup on sale, with pictures of all items from the catalog, so you are sure about what it is you are buying.

Graftobian Makeup@160x120.jpg

Official site of The Graftobian line of makeup, which includes lots of unusual items and kits like pre made “Beast” foam latex face pieces, “Trauma Kits” for disaster training, neon colored hair gels, and five different types of stage blood.

Men's Hair Replacement Workshop catalog.html@160x120.jpg

Sells toupee making supplies and other useful hair and wig products.

“The Future of the World is in Kinky People!”: Next quarter’s column will be devoted to neat costume recourses that can now be found due to the expansion of fetish clothing suppliers and sites on the net. Learn where to get complete free instructions on making a Victorian corset, and where to buy thigh high black patent platform boots in a size 14 for $39.99. In a future column I want to focus on clothing related to WWII, including clothes rationing, uniforms, nylon, Zoot Suits, and items relating to the Holocaust. If you have good web links for any of these topics, or other topics related to costume, please e-mail me at

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