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The Costume Research Journal: A Quarterly Devoted to Costume and Dress


The Costume Research Journal is a publication of the of the


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CrjGraphicsMission.jpg[This Page was intended as an example of what online issues of the

The Costume Research Journal could be made to look like if we chose to convert the magazine to html format.Some articles are not fully illustrated because my computer is about to die, and won't open tiff format files at present. Building this whole 14 page "site" took less than 8 hours, despite my dying computer's tendency to crash every 30 minutes or so. Web format saves enormous amounts of time normally sucked up by doing a "layout" for print or PDF. ---

With the Summer 2002 issue, CRJ was mirrored in a PDF version downloadable to subscribers. This Fall 2002 Susan is testing out a format where the issue is a downloadable PDF, but it is hyper linked to a

Tara Maginnispage of links I make to do with the articles in each issue, called


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IssueVolume & #Manuscript SubmissionDelivery DateSummerVol. xiv no. 1February 1July 1FallVol. xiv no. 2July 1November 1WinterVol. xiv no. 3September 1January 1SpringVol. xiv no. 4November 1April 1

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This is a testpage for determining the feasibility of putting the The United States Institute for TheatreTechnology's publication

The Costume Research Journalonline in html format. This page is being temporarily hosted at The Costumer's Manifesto

The Costume Research Journal is a publication of the of


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