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Russian Deco Mystery Designs

Russian Deco Mystery DesignsI have here two designs, (below) in gouache, for a dance piece, that I bought oneBay absurdly cheap:



They were framed, and sealed, and between paper, and otherindications, I'd guess them somewhere from 1920-1940. There is nosignature, notes or stamps. The left image is of a Russian Folk dancer, theright, is a folk dancer of another nationality (Italian? Spanish?Hungarian?). Theyare obviously by a Russian designer, but who, and from what show? I'm notinterested in selling them, but I am interested in finding out who didthem. Any suggestions may be sent to Chances are that if you don't understand why I say they are definitely by aRussian from 1920-1940, you won't have the answer. However, you might beable to identify the nationality of the dancer's dress on the right better thanI can.So far two people have sent me ideas, one that the designs areby Alexandra Exter the other idea was Tatiana Puni, but I can't confirm eitherof these. The closest designs I've found in a book are by Pavel Tchelew,but they are not that close in style. A guy from Yugoslavia thinks thatthe figure on the right represents a Hungarian, and I think that guess may becorrect.

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