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The Costumer's Manifesto: Theatre UAF Antique Costume Collection Theatre UAF AntiqueCostume Collection

1910's Costumes

HistoryUafcollection70984 05.jpg

HistoryUafcollection70984 06.jpg

HistoryUafcollection70984 07.jpg

HistoryUafcollection70984 08.jpg

HistoryUafcollection70984 09.jpg

HistoryUafcollection70984 10.jpg Custom made cut-away suit coat in Hunter's Green with black trim andthread covered buttons, New York, 1919.

HistoryUafcollection70980 11.jpg Pink patterned collarless shirt

HistoryUafcollection70987 03.jpg

HistoryUafcollection70987 04.jpg Blue Linen suit c. 1912

HistoryUafcollection70987 10.jpg Cotton crochet purse c.1916 (probably never completed since it lacks botha lining and drawstrings)


Thr355ImagesWwiboots.jpg Woman's military uniform boots of canvas, c. 1918, unworn.

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