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The Rubber Duckie RitualThe Fairbanks Alaska Duckie Ritual

On Halloween in Fairbanks, Iused to do the Annual Rubber DuckieRitual in honor of the idiots in our town that imagine Halloween is a day for Sataniststo do evil rituals and use candy to convert children to devil worship. TheRitual consisted of a no-alcohol children's type party for our students and theirkids, with fun Halloween foods, then a climax where we go out in the yard inlong black robes, rubber skeleton masks carrying flaming torches andpitchforks. We add atmosphere with a fog machine. We then dance in acircle (very fast, because it is freezing) to the chorus of "Carmina Burana",and then stop when it ends, pull

rubberducks out of our robes, and sing "Rubber Ducky" from Sesame Streetas we hold the ducks aloft, reverentially. The first year, shown below, inthe photos we found that Lorraine's flame took the form of a duck, so she later became the Ducky Priestess. This in a later year, we got a giant,10 foot inflatable duck, that glows from within, with a quick-inflating fanmotor we inflated at the climax...









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