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Jesus Christ Superstar Costume Designs (1993)

Jesus Christ Superstar (1993)

PortfolioHiresnewJesus1.jpg Chorus

ShowsJesusJesus1.jpg Rendering for St. Peter

More Renderings. Click thumbnails to view larger images:





ShowsJesusJesus2.jpg Rob Boyer as Jesus, ?as Mary Magdalen

ShowsJesusJesus3.jpg "Hosanna"

ShowsJesusJesus4.jpg Chorus

PortfolioPortfolioscans2Jesusmocked.jpgJesus brought before the High Priests

PortfolioDyepaintHipriest.jpg closeup of High priest's costume

PortfolioDyepaintMarymagd.jpg Close up of Mary Magdalen's costume

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Do you know where my photos are? All ofmy numerous slides, negatives and photos of Theatre UAF's J.C.Superstar except the few photos above which I had color-Xeroxed were borrowed from the costume shop by a cast member in 1993, and never returned. Lots of our students want copies of those pictures! If you realize that you have these or know someone who has them, phone the Theatre Dept at UAF 907 5456 8119 now, and help me to get them back into the shop, ASAP.

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