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Shoelace the Costume Shop CatThe Cat From St. Petersburg

PhotoalbumCatPortrat1.jpgShoelace the Costume Shop Cat (1994-2005)

What?! Another cat with a homepage?Oh God, no! NO! NO!

Shoelace, if you please, was not just "Another cat",she has her own Web, thank you:

Shoelace's Biography

Photos of Shoelace

The Sacred Cats of St.Petersburg

Hunting for Fungi With Your Cat

Cats in St. Petersburg: Photos

Art Designed for Cats

Cat Drawings (Free for use!)

The St. Petersburg Pet Market

Shoelace's Favorite Animation's& Links

Blind lovebird seeks visually impairedcage mate...


On Other Sites:

9 to 5 Felines (PDF of article that includes Shoelace)Nine%20to%20Five.pdf@160x120.jpg

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Clarence's Eight Livesclarence.html@160x120.jpg

(cat through costume history paper dolls)


Shoelace Leaping Through an Embroidery Hoop, heldby Tara Maginnis in the

UAF CostumeShop

Shoelace loved her


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