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Shoelace the Costume Shop CatThe Cat From St. Petersburg

PhotoalbumCatPortrat1.jpgShoelace the Costume Shop Cat (1994-2005)

What?! Another cat with a homepage?Oh God, no! NO! NO!

Shoelace, if you please, was not just "Another cat",she has her own Web, thank you:

Shoelace's Biography

Photos of Shoelace

The Sacred Cats of St.Petersburg

Hunting for Fungi With Your Cat

Cats in St. Petersburg: Photos

Art Designed for Cats

Cat Drawings (Free for use!)

The St. Petersburg Pet Market

Shoelace's Favorite Animation's& Links

Blind lovebird seeks visually impairedcage mate...


On Other Sites:

Nine%20to%20Five.pdf@160x120.jpg 9 to 5 Felines (PDF of article that includes Shoelace)

@160x120.jpg Working Cats - Shop Cats- Nursery Cats - Cats who Work for a Living

clarence.html@160x120.jpg Clarence's Eight Lives

(cat through costume history paper dolls)


Shoelace Leaping Through an Embroidery Hoop, heldby Tara Maginnis in the

UAF CostumeShop

Shoelace loved her


Product Links

LitterMaid Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box LitterMaid Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Seated Cat Charm Seated Cat Charm

Ultimate Sticker Book: Cat Ultimate Sticker Book: Cat

Paw Print Bowl - Large Paw Print Bowl - Large - a site dedicated to working cats.

"The Costumer's Manifesto"
by Tara Maginnis