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E-Mail My References

References for Tara Maginnis

(Click names to e-mail)

(Director/former UAF Dept. Chair) (907) 455-6149

(Dept. Secretary/Administrator) (907) 474-7630

(Theatre Dept. Secretary) (907) 474-7751

(musical director/director UAF Opera Workshop) work (907) 474-6983, home 479-4133

(Scene Designer/Guest Artist) now working at the American University in Cairo

(TD/former UAF Dept. Chair) work (907) 474-7638, home 451-9469

(UAF Director/Dept. Chair) work 474-5256, home 474-8721

Some Students:


(former student/actor in NYC)

(actor/computer science double major)

stage manager/school teacher)

(former student/director/Russian studies student at Columbia University)

(former costume shop manager & theatre student of the year)

Anatoly Antohin Jason Chapman Amy FautlandJohn Hopkins Timaree McCormickKade MendelowitzTom RiccioJessica Beck Brian BennettTony Evans Karen Gaborick (Daniel KleinfeldJeannine Patane

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