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Russian Stories and PhotosSt. Petersburg Stories

A Letter Home 8/1/94

Mushroom Hunting at a Russian Dacha

The Sacred Cats of St. Petersburg

The Great Fiancée Visa Adventure

The St. Petersburg Pet Market

Gostiny Dvor, a Shopping Mall in an Alternate Universe

Domestic Science Tips For Foreigners Living in Petersburg

Space Invaders on the Neva

St. Pat's in St. Pete, 1995


Anichkov Bridge

3-D Movies at the Stereo Kino

An Ice Hole Ritual Performance with the "Walruses"

Fur Shopping Info c. 1995

The Speechless Theatre Critic

Photo Pages:

RAT/ART Photo Album 1992-1993

Tour the Mariinsky Theatre Costume Shop

Parade on the 50th Anniversary of VE-Day (Photos in high resolution)

Photos of Tara as

Mme.Exxxcedrin by Milla Kalen

Miscellaneous Photos from Russia

Drawings of Babushkii (Old Ladies)

And a "Freeware" Play:

Kiosk Man

Here are some of my favorite Russian


BookmarksRUSSIAN AVANTGARDE WEB RINGwebring?ring=iggy;list@160x120.jpg buying info: Video: The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviksthecostumersmani@160x120.jpg

Welcome to Moscow : The A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museumeteatral.html@160x120.jpg

The Carnegie Mellon KGB: Ask Lenin's Soul@160x120.jpg

The PILGRIMAGE to CYTHERAindex.htm@160x120.jpg

(Multi-Museum exhibition on Erotic Art with lots of good critical text. Contains some images showing adult matter).

An Annotated Bibliography of Slavic and EE Medievalist Sourcesbiblio.html#Costumes@160x120.jpg

Catherine the GreatCGREAT.HTM@160x120.jpg

Chronology of Russian Historychrono.html@160x120.jpg

S. Ivanov's pictures of Russian HistoryHis.html@160x120.jpg

The List of Russian Web Servers@160x120.jpg

TEATP: Pages Of Moscow Theatre Lifeemain.html@160x120.jpg

HOSTEL HOLIDAY St' Petersburg hotel Homepageholiday.htm@160x120.jpg

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